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Review ~ Mojo by Kris Sedersten

AUTHOR: Kris Sedersten
TYPE: Urban Fantasy
PAGES: 268 give or take Ebook

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SUMMARY (from Goodreads):
When Scottie Brown, a New Orleans college student, is aggressively haunted by vivid nightmares and daytime apparitions, he begins a search for answers; unwittingly putting himself and those closest to him in a confrontation with evil. To defeat the energy that torments him, he recruits a team of paranormal investigators, friends from high school, and a psychic medium. Together, they pursue the ghosts of Scottie's ancestors in a haunted plantation deep in the Louisiana countryside. They uncover dark family secrets and the spiritual energy of a malevolent patriarch who projects an unholy prophecy that has deadly consequenes for all mankind. The power of an elusive mojo amulet becomes central to fighting Scottie's demons as the journey through the haunted mansion, filled with twists and turns, takes on a life of its own against time. Mojo is a fast-paced paranormal mystery-thriller. Edgy and fun, this book will show the reader how having faith in a power greater than ourselves will lift us through even the most unforseeable obstacles in life

I thought the plot was excellent the story was interesting enough to hold my attention. I enjoyed learning the twists and turns the story was taking. Had the characters had more growth to them I might have really enjoyed it. I felt at times we were feed too much information. Almost too easily like when Scottie discovers who his real father was it was almost too easy to figure out. Not to mention that his mother knew all along what his father was involved with so there was no great mystery behind it. And just in case so did Scottie's best friend from simply reading the paper. I almost was annoyed that EVERYONE but him knew who his father was when it was that simple to figure out. I think that this was a good first novel and I can't wait to read the next.
- I liked the culture that was brought in. Scottie had a mixed racial heritage and so did his girlfriend. Not to mention the story takes place in New Orleans which was a nice mix and brought in more heritage and culture. It was refreshing.
- I liked the magic, plot and world building. While I felt somethings were too easy and fit too nicely I did find other twists and turns to be exciting.
- I enjoyed the ghost hunting and Nebraska scenes (of course I'm from Kansas so I would've preferred they had been here but hey I'll take whatever shout out I can *wink*)

- As mentioned above it felt at times that everything was too neatly explained or wrapped up.
- Not enough character growth I could never really connect with anyone character or even get to the point where I felt invested.
Would you recommend this book? Yes I think that this was a good book and while somethings didn't work for me it doesn't mean they wouldn't work for others.

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