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Review ~ I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

TITLE: I Dream of Genies

AUTHOR: Judi Fennell
COPYRIGHT: 1/1/2011
TYPE: fantasy romance
PAGES: 416
SERIES: I do not believe so

REASON FOR READ: Was offered by Sourcebook as an ARC and sounded interested so I asked for it.

SUMMARY (from Goodreads):
Having a 2,000 year old magic genie fall right into your lap should be a good thing. At least, that's what down-on-his luck Matt Ewing thought. But Eden is no subservient fairy tale genie. Beautiful and independent, Eden isn't so keen on having to answer to yet another master. Then, after centuries of being alone, and against her better judgment, Eden suddenly finds herself in danger of falling for Matt. When she flips his already unstable world upside down, Matt is at his wits' end-if only he didn't find his inept genie so darn irresistible!

This book was one of those quick reads. No real thought needed. Eden is a Genie trapped in a bottle who lust for Matt b/c he runs by the shop she is kept in. One day her bottle is thrown out and Eden escapes but she has an “evil” genie after her b/c he loves her and wants her for herself. So she’s kidnapped and its up to Matt to get her back and or fall in love during that time. See no real thought there.

Now that being said it was a cute romance that I did enjoy. I thought the characters were cute. I did think that Matt was a little too hard on his step-father and brother b/c honestly they were a lot nicer than a lot of step siblings/parents are. So the fact that Ms. Fennell did an excellent job at making them likable is commendable. I also really enjoyed the world building that Ms. Fennell did. Her Genie home world/city was really cute and took a lot of effort. She had everything in there.

Some things I didn’t care for were simply the riddle part. Eden wants to change her magic color so that the “evil” genie won’t know who is using magic. In order to do that she has to go through this test which was absurd when in reality the change in color didn’t really work not to mention it just was a time crunch with a chance to throw in more sex between Eden and Matt.

The part at the end when we see how they get their HEA was cool I enjoyed it and for once didn’t find anything wrong with it. If you are looking for a quick romance with some magic thrown in. Or even if you are looking for a romance with something different something not out there this is the book for you!!!

Are you keeping it or passing it on? I think I will pass on it, while it was cute I just can’t see re-reading it.

Would you recommend this book? Yes I think it had a good romance, some magic, and a topic that isn’t over done.

Out Do Yourself

Author website: http://www.judifennell.com/

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