Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Revenant by Carolyn Haines

Revenant by Carolyn Haines

When a decades-old mass grave near a notorious Biloxi nightclub is unearthed, reporter Carson Lynch is among the first on the scene.
The remains of five women lie within, each one buried with a bridal veil - and without her ring finger.

Once an award-winning journalist, Carson knows her career is now hanging by a thread. This story has pulled her out of a pit of alcohol and self-loathing, and with justice and redemption in mind she begins to investigate. Days later two more bodies appear, begging the question - is a copycat murderer terrorizing Biloxi, or has a serial killer awoken from a twenty-five-year slumber?

If you like mysteries then this is a book you might enjoy. It had a nice twist at the end that kept me guessing. Just when I thought I had figured it out I was wrong. The sub plots were just as good not mystery detailed but still good. And it had my one weakness a person whose hit bottom and has to drag their sorry butts back up.

Things I Liked
~ Although rough around the edges I enjoyed the main character Carson. She had a hard life and she was trying to pull it together. Although the only reason was the murder it still didn’t matter at least she tried.
~ As I said above the mystery was pretty good and had an excellent twist. Just when I thought I had it poof something else happened. However, the twist was still believable and I did enjoy it.

Things I Didn’t Like
~ I didn’t appreciate how Carson treated the men in her life. Yes it was understandable she lost a great deal but still she treated them harshly.
~ There was a sub story of her friend Jack that I didn’t think was important enough to tie into the overall story.

Rating ~ B

Additional Info
~ Published: 2007
~ Price: $6.99
~Favorite Author Book: This is the only one I’ve read
~ Author Website:

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