Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Insanity Day 2

I seriously almost quit today is that a good sign or a bad?

I'm taking it as a good one that I didn't and that I'm slightly excited for tomorrow.

Yeah I'm a sick puppy

Changes by Jim Butcher

Cha...Cha... Cha... Changes (Don't waste the time don't want to be an original) Anywho I'm not even sure if these are the correct words, but everytime I start writing this book review I start singing this song from one of the Shrek movies.

Why, no idea they have absolutely nothing in common I swear! Anyway moving on to the latest addition in the Harry Dresdan series and might I throw in my fan girl squeal of OMGOMGOMG Harry totally rocks.

And may I also add WTF was Jim thinking ending the book in that matter with the next one not out until next year SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! Shoot me now. Okay um there is not much I can do here for a review considering that I have reviewed all 11 books up to this one and well in order to understand this one and why it was such a sucker punch in my gut you have to understand the relationship between Harry and Susan which was formed in the first 3 or 4 books. Needless to say we discover that Harry has a daughter (no that is not a spoiler considering that it on the jacket but I am sorry if you haven't read the series to this point b/c it is a hell of a shocker!)

Anyway the whole point of this book is to rescuse the daughter from the Red Court and if you've been reading the series religiously like I have then you would know why this is so important and how come the Reds even took her to begin with. Also this books calls in some questions and puts Harry in some situations that I was on the edge of my seat with. Not to mention that I was TOTALLY blown away by his response and choices made.

I can not WAIT for the next book in fact I am Jonesing for it and want it now.

So long answer short this review sucks b/c I could go on and on about the choices Harry made that lead him to the end but I would ruin for those of you who haven't read this book in the series. Also I HIGHLY recommend this ENTIRE series for anyone willing to invest in a series that just gets better and better with all books.

So my rating A+
100+ Book

Monday, June 28, 2010

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Insainty Update

Today was Day 1 on Insanity and it was the Fit Test... Needless to say I am not very fit if you have the fit test to go off of. I am however, looking forward to day 15 to see if I've made any improveements.

It was a rough go at times and I'm a little nervous to see how it actually goes tomorrow when I have to do a full 30 minutes of working out. I'm scared to see what I might look like after tomorrow's workout but I am ready for it. Especially if I can loose some of this pudgy weight.

Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan and a beef I have with her... Even though I heart her!

Keep in mind I am only on book 2 of the series and I love the style of writing and I heart Rachel. I just can't stand her act first think later. The whole I KNOW TRENT DID IT no matter what anyone tells me and no matter that it might be a tad bit personal. We are still going to rush in and attack his name and rep b/c I'M RIGHT AND I KNOW IT. Why? B/c I KNOW IT DAMN IT!!!!! And I don't care who I get killed or in trouble for it. Well that last part is not true she doesn't want to get anyone killed. It just irks me b/c even though she might be right she isn't thinking clearly enough to see that she just might be wrong...

Okay that was the beef and I will put up a review I swear very soon of the first one!

A Team

This week's movie is the A-Team!!! I don't know about any of you but as a kid I use to look forward to this show coming on TV. My dad and mom would let me watch it. I hate to say it but it was the one show they would allow me to watch as a kid. Because of that I went into this movie with some reservations. I didn't expect it to be anything great and I have to say I didn't think it would amount to anything.

I am happy to say I was wrong, so very wrong.

So the movie had the typical A Team plot but it did something great that the show never it did. It showed us how they all came together to form the A Team. The first 8 minutes alone were worth the 10 bucks it cost to go see. Not only did we learn that Face and Hanibal worked together and then found BA who then after an injury heads to a hospital only to discover the Dr. working on him isn't a doctor but Murdock! We also got to discover how come BA hates flying and really it all makes sense.

After that brief introduction we are taken to Iraq to get more of a modern feel on the A Team. This is before they become outlaws so we got the opp to see how they began as a team on the run. I won't ruin anything but needless to say the story behind it is AMAZING. Lots of crap blowing up lots of story going over the top with the plot when a simple shot them in the head would've worked. But that's what we've grown to love about the A Team.
After a trail they break out and we the audience learn how they go about trying to prove their innocence. This results in more blowing up of things, more over the top action, more special effects then a Harry Potter film, and a whole hell of a lot more fire power!
Its a non-stop rush of action, one liners and of course smart remarks. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for action with a good plot.
My Rating: A
Lesson Learned: Don't mess with the A Team

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eye Candy Friday

Rowena over at Everyday Wena has a Eye Candy Friday tradition. And every Friday she puts up her latest hottie of the week. I thought it was a fantastic idea and since the odds of us putting up the same men are slim to none I thought I would continue the tradition here on this site.

So for my first Friday I thought I would share the lovely Bradley Cooper (mainly b/c I just saw the A-Team last week and he was great as face and crap I still need to post a reivew for that and Prince of Persia!)

Anyway on to Bradley!!!


Dang it has to be the eyes!!!

Or it could just be the body

or the Grin

Either way he makes a hell of a Face!!!
I hope I did Wena proud!


Yep its coming. He promised me that he would be bringing change and that it would be something I was afraid of. How do I know this? Because he stressed 2 times Do Not Be Afriad... and so far I haven't been but yet doubt and worry are starting to creep in.

In situations like this I find that I have to surround myself with Strong Christian Women. I have to ask them what should I do, I have ask them to pray for me, and then I have to rememember (usually through one of them telling me this) that I have to trust God completely.

This is why I am so blessed at work b/c not only is my manager a Strong Christian Woman but so are my other two team leaders and with them I am constantly surrounded by pray, thoughts and help. Its nice to know that when I need to find help with work or just in life I can simply call on one of these wonderful women. And yes you had better believe when God talked to me they were one of the first to know what he said and how he said it.

They also were one of the ones to help me try to explain it and to remind me to relax that in the end is glory and it is coming!!! So now I just have to trust and have the faith I need to get me through all this doubt and worry...

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:33-34

He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" Matthew 8:26

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

On Sunday was Father's Day and for the first time it hit home good on how special that day is. You see my Earthly father passed away 7 years ago this December. He was a good man, a strong man, a kind man, who loved his wife and daughter. He did everything he could to show us his love and although sometimes it didn't come out as well as he planned I never doubted for a moment that he loved me.

My heart still aches and sometimes I sit down and think how much Dad would've loved that story. When I got married I wondered if Dad would've approved of him, what would he had said about the cost, or the stress. If Dad had been there would he have like him? Then when I went through my divorce I wondered what he would've said to me. I know it would've started with "Babygirl if it hurts cry. Sometimes the only way to make the stop hurting is to let it out." I also know he would have threatened and glared at the boy who broke his little girl's heart.

But then I wonder if he would have been happy that even though it ended badly it was the one event that brought me closer to my Heavenly Father. You know when I got married to a man that God did not have planned for me I lost out on a lot of things. I missed those tender moments that a true blessing from God would've had. I missed those moments when we could've prayed together, talked through things with God, found strength and comfort in his arms. Instead we tore each other to shreads, made each other hurt and worse tried to destroy each other's spirits.

Is that something my Dad would have been proud of? How would he have told me to stop? Would I have listened? Thinking on all those things then made me wonder what my Heavenly Faher was thinking when things were occuring. Did he wonder why I would say such things? Did he wonder why I had married a man he didn't approve of? But I never doubt that he wasn't there holding my hand and catching my tears when it ended. I never for a moment wondered if he was glad at the pain that I went through because it wasn't the man I was suppose to be with.

And yet I wonder if he was happy that finally one of his lost sheep found her way back home to him.

Everyday I miss my dad but I remember that I will see him once again and when I do he will be there with open arms waiting for his little girl. And behind him will be my Heavenly Father waiting with his arms opening for his little girl to come home.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Have you Ever...

Have you ever heard God speak to you? What you would you say it sounds like? Like a waterfall, a creek, a whisper of a gnat, or is it loud and full of volume. Sometimes I think what I hear internally is his way of talking to me. His way of telling me what I need to know at that moment.

Then sometimes I swear he is right beside me carrying on a conversation. The only problem is I'm not willing to hear it. Yeah you heard me right sometimes I just don't want to hear it and yes that's a problem. As Jonah discovered running from God is pointless if not stupid. WHERE CAN YOU GO THAT HE WON'T FIND YOU???? And yet here I am running or atleast I was until last night.

Now I won't go into what he said but I think a lot of it is important. For the first time in my life God said more to me then a few short words. Or maybe I should phrase that as the first time in my life I heard God talk to me in more than a few words.

He explained to me how destruction brings rubble and with that rubble he can rebuild. He also explained that rain and storms cause growth and healing. Something I need to be reminded of on a regular basis. It was nice to know that God truly wanted me to hear what he had to say and you know what it was nice to hear it.

I know like I know air helps me breathe and blood pumps in my veins that a change is coming for me. Before last night that would've freaked me out, it would've made me up tight. Normally I would be running around right now trying to figure out what it was, when it would happen, what was in involved and why. But this time, this time I want to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Because whatever he has installed for me will help me with that growth. And in the end of all of this here on Earth is glory. Something I will always remember.

So I'm ready and willing let the Change come and as soon as I know more you will too!

A little help

Has anyone read any of the following series? I am trying to see if I should invest money/time in them....

Soul Catcher (The Outsider Series) by Leigh Bridger

Seduced By Shadows: A Novel of the Marked Souls by Jessa Slade

Bitter Night: A Horngate Witches Book by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Three Days to Dead by Kelly Meding

Deadtown (A Deadtown Novel) by Nancy Holzner

Wicked Enchantment (Dark Magick, Book 1) by Anya Bast

Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy

Hard Magic (Luna Books) by Laura Anne Gilman

Okay if you know anything about any of the above books or their series please let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I will be starting the Insanity Program in the next week or so (depends on when it arrives). And what I plan to do is document it as I go on My Favorite Things blog. You may feel free to join me in my journey by rooting me on or just ignore it LOL. I will stress this there will be absolutely no picture published so you will have to take my word on it LOL.

Priscilla Shirer pt. 2

Priscilla started the conference off with a bang. She talked about James and Faith! One of the many statements that really jumped out to me was, "If we choose not to utilize our faith we won't experience everything we can." Priscilla stressed that Faith without works is death and as Christians we pray for miracles but then we don't want to be in the place where we have to have faith in order to see the miracles.

In other words we have to be willing to risk everything to have the opportunity to see him be God.

Here's where yesterday's blurb fits in with today's ideas. "we are so careful to protect certain areas from the enemy but when we are careful in one area the enemy sneaks in to other areas to distract us." It was really stressed that while the enemy can't destroy you he can DISTRACT you with other issues to keep you from hearing God or experiencing his word.

You see once you see or hear God, once you experience God's power you will never experience church in the same manner. You will want to live what God has promised not just sit back and question it. In order to really hear and know God we have to come into what Priscilla called the "Faith Place" the place where Abraham, Ester, Jonah, the Disciples, and Mary where in. The "Faith Place" is a place you step into that allows God to step up. A place where we have to have God step and help us. I've been in that place, I was so low, so down, so upset, so stuck that the only way out was to have God in his mercy step up and show me his awesome power.

Priscilla then took us to 2Kings and focused on Elisha and how he instructed a king to face East and shoot an arrow (a leap of faith) when he did he was told that arrow was a victory arrow. Then he was instructed to shoot his arrows into the ground. But the king only shot 3 because of this he was told his enemies would only be hurt 3 times.

Priscilla asked why did the king only shoot 3 arrows? Was it discouragement? Was it fear? Was it the "what if factor" (what if I need them later?), Was it fear of what others might think? Or was it that the king was so concerned with what he didn't have he couldn't focus on what he did have. We don't know the reason the king only shot 3 arrows but what we do know is if he had been faithful and shot all of his arrows the enemy would've been defeated a lot sooner in Israel's history.

If we are holding back our arrows we need to ask ourselves why? Sometimes what we are told to do will not be logical, sometimes we will see others standing back and laughing at us, sometimes we forget that God can work with what we have nothing is impossible for the Lord. We need to stop being afraid to take that step into the Faith Place and just let him step up wowing us with his awesome power.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deeper Still Message

Today I will share with you Priscilla Shirer's message at Deeper Still. Priscilla had a very deep and good message. It was almost 2 messages in one. I will discuss the smaller lesson today so that you can see how it ties into the larger picture tomorrow.

Priscilla mentioned how sometimes we get so wrapped up or so busy protecting one aspect of our lives from Satan that we leave other areas wide open for attack. For example we get caught up in how to protect our marriage and we safe guard it with prayers, keeping constant watch, and meditate daily on it with God. That we can't see the serpent coming in around to attack us in another area of our lives like our time with God on his word or money or even stress.

We need to know that he will come and attack us from all sides. We can do everything we can to safeguard and protect certain areas or we can soak ourselves in God's word. Thus protecting and safeguarding ourselves from all attacks. This will also open ourselves up for more opportunities to watch God in action and see his miracles /blessings occurring.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to Study Your Bible review

Currently working my way through How to Study Your Bible by Kay Arthur. This book interested me b/c I want to know how to study the Bible in such a way that I feel like I am learning/hearing what God wants me to hear without listening to what others are teaching me about.

This series tells you to look at the Bible as an inducctive study which uses the Bible itself as the primary source of information about the Bible instead of using teacher's thoughts and Bible studies to learn.

Another way of saying this is on pg. 11 "Inductive Bible study draws you into personal interaction with the Scripture and thus with the God of the Scriptures so that your beliefs are based on a prayerful understanding and legitimate interpretation of Scripture - truth that transforms you when you live by it."

According to this book there are 3 steps to understanding the Bible: Observation, Interpretation, and Application

During observation you should ask yourself what does the passage say?
During Interpretation you should ask yourself what does the passage mean?
During Application you should ask yourself how does the meaning of theis passage apply to me?

I haven't been able to get into the meat of the book between working however, I have bought a new Bible to experiment on and highlighters :) I can't wait to use them and to see if this method works. I will update as I go!!!

Deeper Still

This apparently is the week that I will share with you all the wonderful, joyous, overflowing with love, things I have learned from this past weekend! I still can't believe how truly blessed I am to have had the chance to experience something so wonderful!!!

Today it really struck me about Kelley Minter. She is a young woman who did a blurb if you will at the conference. And I feel as if a lot of people didn't realize how important her message was. Mainly b/c she is so new to the scene. In fact she has one Bible study out on Ruth and the unique thing about her is how she approaches Ruth. She comes at this story from a single person's perspective, which being single is actually a refreshing way to look at it.

Anyway in the next year she will come out with an additional Bible study on Nehemiah and I am looking forward to it (I do believe she will be the next Beth Moore if she should continue down this path!) Nehemiah happens to be the topic of discussion on Saturday morning. Specifically Nehemiah 4:10 Meanwhile, the people in Judah said, "The strength of the laborers is giving out, and there is so much rubble that we cannot rebuild the wall." Now we all know that I have yet to read the whole Bible and I will be honest I have read nothing in Nehemiah before this verse.

However, she made me understand this verse better. The key here is the people in Judah were getting discouraged because of all the rubble. Just like we get discouraged in our lives surrounded by past mistakes, current mistakes, our past, sin, hopes, and dreams never made. However, we have to remember that God is in the business of rebuilding not just building.

Kelly stressed the difference between building and re-building is the rubble... think about that. Without the rubble how could God create something wonderful? By using the rubble he can create and mold something WONDERFUL.

I admit it I never thought about it like that. Sometimes I had wished or still wish that God would just do away with the rubble, get rid of it, why do I need it lying around? When really by using it and molding it I have grown into a stronger God fearing woman, a woman who knows what she wants and where she stands. A woman who has come to know the Lord in heartache and pain, and yet also know him in healing...

Sometimes I guess that rubble is put to use after all.

Monday, June 14, 2010


This last weekend I was blessed enough to attend the Deeper Still conference in Colorado. It was a 12 hour drive on Thursday to Denver with mom in the car. The conference didn’t start until 5:30p on Friday so we had some time to kill on Thursday (time I used to shop and watch the World Cup).

Friday night we started with Kay Arthur a Christian leader that I am sad to admit I’d never heard of. She is an older lady who has walked in the faith for a long time. She made excellent points and brought up things I had never thought about. Her main point was how do we keep peace when our life dreams are shattered?

This was very significant for me a young Christian woman who has recently been divorced and wondering what God has in store for me? How do I retain my faith and place my complete trust in God when I lost not only my husband but my best friend in a bitter divorce. The miracle that has come from the divorce is the closeness I have gain toward God. Without that divorce I would’ve remain away from God seeking peace in worldly things. Because of the divorce I have learned how much God cares for me.

This conference reaffirmed this belief by reminding me that I am held in the hands of God and even though he has allowed these things to happen to me, he has a plan and purpose through it. “I put to death and I bring to life, I have wounded and I will heal,” Deuteronomy 35:39

Kay Arthur gave us 7 things to help us get past the shattered dreams in our life. So that when something happens that wasn’t in our plan we can still live in peace and know that God is there when our world is falling apart. (Now if this isn’t clear forgive me but this is how I heard the message and plan to apply it) Also she made sure to stress that whenever someone teaches you something they should always back it up with scripture. So to support her 7 items she made sure to give numerous scripture backings.

1. (and the most important) God is sovereign – which means he rules over all
a. Psalm 103:19
b. Isaiah 45:5
c. Daniel 4:34
2. God is Love – he never takes off his love
a. 1 John 4:10
b. John 10
3. God has a purpose – no one can mess up his plans
a. Isaiah 14:24
b. Isaiah 14:27
c. Romans 8:28
d. Isaiah 46:8 and 11
4. God watches over his word to perform – in other words he remembers his promises
a. Jeremiah 1:12
b. Matthew 5:17-18
5. God wounds and God heals
a. Deuteronomy 32:39
6. God is behind the calamity – but he has a purpose and plan when he allows it to happen
a. Amos 3:6
b. Remember Job’s story, Joseph’s story, and Jesus’ story
7. The end of it all is Glory – always remember that at the end of this temporal life we will have glory.
a. 2 Corinthians 4:7

It was a wonderful experience and I will continue to talk about as the week goes. Right now I was inundated with a vast amount of knowledge and need to process it all a little at a time.

I do have a couple of goals in mind for this blog. I plan to read the Bible in full in 365 days. The way I am doing this is by using one of the books I got from the conference by Kay Arthur called How to Study Your Bible a new inductive method of studying and learning what the Bible has in store for me I am so excited! I hope you will journey with me in this goal.

A 2nd Goal I have is to take time each day to study and learn from the Bible this tie into the 365 day goal. However, it differs b/c I really need to learn to take time out of my day in order to give to God, to grow in my spiritual needs, and to walk closer with God. As I study and spend time with God I hope to shall what insight I’ve gathered from him that day here by sharing with you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Reading dry spell but is it really?!?!

So recently I've found that all I want to read are re-reads. Why? Well b/c I already know that they are good or I wouldn't have kept them right? So what's the problem... well I have 2 bookcases full of new books, never read, never open just sitting on shelves collecting dust waiting. Waiting for me to pick them up and dive in. And while I'm sure numerous of those books are fantastic beyond anything I am currently reading and yet... I still want to read my comfort books right now.

I keep thinking that with pool season coming I will pick up more and more of the newer books but I haven't. In fact I re-read the WHOLE Harry Potter series... I thought it was to prepare me for the 7th movie. But let's be honest the books are way better and hell the movies aren't following the books anyway so that's out as an excuse. Maybe its b/c I missed the world so much and yet that can't be it b/c I don't remember the world that well.

I'm not sure what I would call this time in my life other than stressed and maybe that is why I keep going back to my re-reads. B/c I know that they will give me the comfort I am so longing for and can't seem to find. Since I can't find this at work or at home I guess my only way of comfort is through reading.

So how about it do you have any great comfort reads? Do you find that when life is full of stress you kick into re-read mode or are you one of those that just reads what's waiting for them?

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