Wednesday, December 26, 2018

New Love

So I have started a new obsession/love that I have to share... It's called Cdramas (Chinese Dramas) and I blame Netflix 100% it started off as a whatever I will try something different and has morphed into a FULL BLOWN obsession. I am googling actors, watching numerous shows, trying to keep up with everything and I can't even describe how hard I have been trying to learn the language so that I can just sit back and enjoy the beautiful backgrounds.

It all started with The Rise of Phoenixes

And I was in love from there on I couldn't stop watching this show... 70 episodes y'all and that is saying something as I can barely make it 3 seasons of any show before I burn out. From there I tried to find anything I could to just have more. I tried 
Ice Fantasy

But for some reason that didn't really hit the spot. So I wanted something like The Rise of Phoenixes with out the time commitment and I wanted roughly the fantasy aspect of Ice Fantasy so I settled on 
Eternal Love AKA 10 miles of peach blossoms

And my world was officially over. I am IN LOVE and couldn't stop watching in fact I have watched it numerous times as the first time I didn't get what was happening until mid -way through it was very confusing to this American but DEAR GOD I am in massively in love. There are almost 3 storylines going on and my favorite was SuSu and YeHua even though it was to me the most tragic I still loved that storyline.
OMG if you want to start a cdrama I am now recommending this one FOR SURE!!

I moved from that to Ashes to Love
now keep in mind this trailer gives the WHOLE story away but still look at the beauty of this show.
I am only 11 episodes in and I have to say I am confused how this can last 50+ episodes but I'm hooked enough to figure it out.

I also checked out Young Detective Dee and Painted Skin as well as Snow Girl as movies oh and I tried Brotherhood of the Blades 2... do you know of any more?

So what about you? Which Cdramas do you like? Which would you recommend to me? Where do you watch them? Right now I feel like I am stuck with Netflix but I am opened to other options. 

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