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I am also currently reviewing music it is something new I am doing and I am totally enjoying it. I will review your music as well if you send me an album or just a song. I will let people know if the honest truth. I tend to listen to anything, but am steered towards things that have good lyrics as opposed to rhythm and bass. I am looking for what are you trying to get across with your message.

I will accept e-books, ARCS and books from authors and publisher with a preference for hard copies. As I would love to read ALL the books there are, by receiving your book I am not guaranteeing I will be able to read and review it, especially if it is wildly outside of my genre preferences listed below. When sending me books. please keep in mind that I will be honest when telling people what I think of them. (Love em or hate em people will know the truth).

* YA of any kind (although I prefer less romance and more action ;) If you read my reviews you will be able to tell which kinds I like the most) AKA Pretty Little Liars, Lying Game, Monstrumlogist, 5th Wave, Hunger Games kind of books.
* Science Fiction (bring it)
* Fantasy (if it's huge it will take me awhile to read and review it) 
* Urban Fantasy (to a point I am not a big sex reader so if you have a lot of sex in your book and it's Urban Fantasy odds are I will not read it).
* Historical Fiction (again if it's huge give me time to read them)
* Biographies (yes please!!!)
* Paranormal (less romance more paranormal and I'm good)
* Comics/Graphic Novels (love 'em) I do read these online or on my kindle
* Non-Fiction is hit or miss with me so please email me before you just send me your book

****Please note if you are wanting me to read the 12th book in your series and I have not read any of your series before I will not read ALL your books just to review the 12th one****
****However, if you see that I have already read your series and loved it or hated it and you want me to review the newest one that I am caught up to I would be more than happy to****

* Erotica (I don't like won't read it of any kind)
* Romance (I am hit or miss on this so don't be surprised if I pass on this one)

Rating System:
I am drawn towards character driven storytelling and complex plot-lines that hold my attention, clever wordplay or some really good drama (YA). While I am an emotional reader and willing to overlook weaker points in favor of overall feelings I will pass or not score high if you use: tropes, passive characters, weak characters, bad world-building or just confusing world-building, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE love triangles . If you have these things please considering sending it on to someone else. 
I enjoy novels with strong female characters (that can admit when they are weak and need help) I get so tired of the bitchy females that can do everything and "don't need no one" only to turn around and be helpless. 
I stay away from (love triangles see above), whiny characters in general, predictable plot lines, graphic sex, graphic gore that doesn't fit into the story line. 

If any of this fits you or you are still interested in my reviewing your works please feel free to email me at: and I will respond within 48 hours.

If you have any questions or just want to double check if I will review your books please just shoot me an email. 

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