Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yep it's time

I've started this blog up many times over the years and I've stopped reviewing as well. But, recently I have noticed that reviewing isn't fun anymore. It just isn't... too many people take offense, too many people take things the wrong way... and well let me be frank I'm not going to play any games. So it's been real, it's been fun but, I'm done.

From now on I will only be posting at http://saraisfavoritethings.blogspot.com/ where I can feel free to talk about my TV shows, books, people and whatnot without repercussions. Mainly I just shoot the breeze over there and well hell no one takes me serious when I'm on that site. And I plan to focus more on me and life instead of what I read/liked reading/hated reading/ and well what just didn't work for me. That way I feel less of the need to post something about EVERYTHING I read or don't read. Why I didn't read this or that. I will still plan to stop in and visit your sites but, don't plan on seeing me anymore on here.

Thanks for being with me over these years but, alas it's time to say good night!


Christine said...

aww sorry to hear you don't enjoy reviewing anymore. I don't do it as often as I wish I did. Sometimes it just feels like "work" and not "fun," like it should be. Sometimes I really WANT to write a review but just run out of time and then days and then weeks go by and I've lost the passion for writing about that particular book. I don't know how other people review so much. I really don't.

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